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Great collection of resources for entreprenuers & operators!
Oh, and there are some from us in there too :)


Seed stage Venture Capital firm

Super helpful collection of resources to help founders solve all sorts of problems. Sure wish I had this and not a crazy collection of unorganized browser bookmarks back when I was a CEO.

Brian Wang

Executive coach

You both did a heavy lift for me + my practice. This resource lets founders trust their own intuition knowing playbooks/references will be there to amplify their strengths. And that lets us focus on how we cooperatively show up to the edges in life. Bravo.

Virginia Bauman

Founder & Coach

This is 🔥

The future of the internet is curation of great content by experts, and this is what great execution looks like.

Amira Valliani


I would pay $10k a year for this if I could.

Joseph Albanese

CEO/Co-Founder @ Stir

This is incredibly helpful.

Literally navigated to exactly what I need right now in like 40 seconds 😆

Nathan Baschez